Char-grilled Vegetable Pasta Bags

Char-grilled Vegetable Pasta Bags

Pasta Bags filled with Char-Grilled Vegetables & Roasted Garlic Veloute

If you've ever thought that an entirely vegetarian dish had to automatically translate into plain and boring, think again!

Kevin's recipe for this month brilliantly melds aroma and art in a truly Mediterranean dish that looks as fantastic as it tastes (and if you're daunted by the prospect of making your own pasta...don't.  Once you get your hands on a pasta machine you'll wonder why anybody still serves the shop bought industrial version).


Pasta Dough
150gr flour
100gr egg yolks
15gr olive oil
Pasta Filling
100gr 5mm sliced eggplant
100gr 5mm sliced green zucchini
100gr 5mm sliced green zucchini
75gr yellow and red peppers, seeded & cut in half
2pc peeled tomato concasse
1tbls chopped onion
1tbls virgin olive oil
finely chopped basil leaves
Garlic Veloute
6 cloves garlic
50ml white wine
150ml vegetable stock
100ml fresh cream
toasted pumpkin seeds
Parmesan shavings
rocket leaves
dried tomato petals


Pasta Dough
~Mix all ingredients together until a homogenous dough is achieved, work it out on a bench for 5 minutes till a smooth and non stick dough is achieved, cover with cling film and allow to rest in refrigerator for 30 minutes   

Pasta Filling
~rub the sliced sliced zucchini, eggplant and peppers with olive oil and char-grill on a hot grill till light brown colour is achieved
~when cooked take of the heat and chop into a fine brunoise
~in a saute pan heat some olive oil and toss the chopped onion till soft, then add the cut up char-grilled vegetables and the tomato concasse, season with salt, pepper and chopped basil
~set aside an allow to cool completely

Pasta Bags
~open the pasta dough with a pasta machine till 2mm thick
~cut into squares 12cm * 12cm
~brush 3 sides of the sheet with egg yolks, add a tablespoon of the cooled down vegetables on one side of the pasta sheet
~fold the sheet to form a rectangle and secure both ends firmly by pressing with your fingers
~then fold again horizontally and secure with some more egg yolk to form the bags, place on a flour tray and set aside, do the same with the rest of the pasta squares & filling), allow 2 bags for starter pert person and 4 bags for main course

Garlic Veloute
~boil the garlic cloves in water three time for 2 minutes, changing the water each time
~after the third boil, roast the garlic cloves with some olive oil in a 150 oC oven for 10 minutes
~put into a saute pan, add the white wine and reduce by half, then add the vegetable stock and reduce by 2 thirds
~add the cream and simmer till thick, blend with a blender and pass through a fine sieve, season with salt & pepper

To Serve
~put the pasta bags in boiling salted water and boil for 4 minutes
~once cooked, place 4 pieces on each plate in a straight line
~sauce with the heated roasted garlic veloute
~garnish with some parmesan shavings, rocket leaves, toasted pumpkin seeds & dried tomatoes

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