World Ocean Day


It is time to come together and support sustainable fishing. It is very worrying to be aware that while the demand for seafood is constantly increasing, fishing stocks have reached their limits and are on the verge of becoming depleted. Almost 30% of fishing resources are overfished all around the world. In the North-eastern Atlantic, 40% of fishing resources are overfished beyond their ability to regenerate.

It is alarming to know that 75% of land, 40% of oceans and 50% of rivers already “manifest severe impacts of degradation” from human activity. Faced with this reality, Relais & Châteaux chefs in collaboration with SeaWeb Europe are committed to protecting these resources. Chefs play a key role, in that they set trends within the industry and can influence both suppliers and consumers. Indeed, it was chefs and restaurateurs who were responsible for the bluefin tuna’s ability to regenerate over time in the Mediterranean.

This year the de Mondion will be once again participating in World Ocean Day on Saturday 8th June. Support the cause of sustainable fishing and what it really means to dine while not harming the environment that we all have to live in, and if not us, our children.

View the menu here:

Exquisite & Sustainable Fish Dinner

Farmed Local Yellow-Fin Tuna
Samphire, Capsicum, Dashi
Organic Risotto,
Squid Ink, Cuttle Fish and Mint
Mackerel Ceviche
Marjoram, Aljotta, Sweet Potato
Baked Local Amberjack
Mussel, Spelt, Asparagus
Ricotta Mousse
Apricots, Pistachio and Strawberries

Coffee and Petit Fours
€90.00 per person
(including 18% VAT)

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